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    Community Support


    Chartreuse Press proudly supports the following causes in our community and hope you will consider doing the same.

    New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary: This rescue is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption if animals in need. They also sponsor the Goatalympics which is a day of festivities and challenges including food races, obstacle courses and longest beard contest. My book The Rescue of Sir Dumbledore was inspired by one of their rescues.

    Jasperskatz: This rescue works tirelessly to provide unwanted Seniors and Special Needs cats the opportunity to live their lives in a loving home and not in the confines of a cage. They partner with 5 shelters on the West Coast to provide unwanted cats a safe and compassionate environment. The rescue is included in my Don't Poop on the Pansies book.

    Old Dog Haven: ODH is a not for profit rescue that provides safe and loving homes for senior dogs, age 8 and up in western Washington. Dogs who have been abandoned or will soon become homeless are supported by this rescue. One of their past rescues named Leo inspired my book--Don't Poop on the Pansies.

    Forest McStinkpants and Our Cat Haven: is a UK sanctuary for rescued and special needs cats. Forest Mcstinkpants is a little miracle cat with hydrocephalus who helps run the page. Their focus is on CH or Cerebellar Hypoplasia cats who have balance issues due to a cerebellum that did not form properly in their brains.

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    CHACHA Book Series is Community Helping Animals, Children Helping Animals

    The stories in the series teach children about the many issues that face animals in society. From topics such as the importance of spaying and neutering to why dogs should not be left in sealed cars and elderly animals are still valuable, these books present compelling story lines that engage readers and hold their interest through wonderfully drafted, brightly colored illustrations. They teach compassion and respect for animals; at the same time, offering suggested activities that inform children how to be proactive in their daily lives.

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