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    The Art of Compassion

    Due to be released Summer 2019

    The Art of Compassion is a book that explores empathy through artistic works. Artists who demonstrate compassion through their art are included as are artists who foster compassion through their creative endeavors. All forms of media are presented from sculpture to performance and installations. Topics such as race, gender and the environment are explored.

    If You Are Feeling Awful, Have a Falafel is a children's picture book that is a companion book to The Art of Compassion book. If You Are Feeling Awful, Have a Falafel is a story about a family of Syrian immigrants who arrive in the US with several goals. The daughter Petra hopes to fit in to her new lifestyle. Her family--Uncle Omar wants to break a Guinness World Record and her Dad wants to share his knowledge of Syrian antiquities and history. The concept of immigration is explored through the experiences of a family who relocate to America.

    To see images and read more about the story If You are Feeling Awful, Have a Falafel click on this link.

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