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    Gobsmacked by Guernica

    =Gobsmacked by Guernica

    Buy Now $12.00, 32 pages, paperback, (c) 2010.


    Gobsmacked by Guernica is the second book in the series about two artistic cows--Dairy Cassatt and Georgia O’Beefe. It features the two bovines traveling to Spain to learn more about their idol-Pablo Picasso. When they view Picasso’s 20th century masterpiece-”Guernica” Georgia falls instantly in love with the bull in the painting. To distract Georgia, Dairy convinces her to travel around the world and view all of the other works that feature cows. However, in her quest to get the orange cow’s mind off of the bull in the “Guernica” composition, it is just reinforced when she continually encounters more of the Cubist’s imagery. After a failed makeover, Georgia resigns herself to the fact that the images are only canvas and it is better to love a live cow than the rendition of a famous artist.

    HAHA Gobsmacked by Guernica is part of the HAHA book series. The H.A.H.A. series teaches Art History by drawing its readers in with its humor and bright, colorful imagery and maintaining their interest with creative, imaginative stories. Both entertaining and educational, the series strives to present art in an accessible and pleasurable format. The series is the creation of Gaye Leigh Green.


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