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    Hog with a Blog

    DandelionBuy Now $13.00, 48 pages, paperback, (c) 2015. Piggy Earleen

    The second book in the Cha Cha Series is Hog with a Blog. Have you ever seen a pig wear a pink tutu or an Easter bonnet? Or, have you witnessed a hog that gets served breakfast in bed and then, later opens a refrigerator to get a snack? Neither had I until I discovered Esther the Wonder Pig. Purchased by two men named Steve and Derek, they were told that Esther was a micro pig. A micro pig is supposed to remain small and diminutive. But, Esther's 5 pounds quickly grew to 50 lbs. and then, in 2 years she blossomed to over 500 lbs.' But, don't tell Esther that or the heroine of our story, Earleen who worries that her caregiver, Lupita will put her on a diet.

    Hog with a Blog was inspired by the adventures of Esther who was fortunate enough to be so loved by the two men that they figured out a way to purchase a farm where Esther could live. The Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary inspired this story about a young girl named Lupita and a 400 lb. hog named Earleen who together learn the importance of rescuing by creating a blog.

    When Lupita, the compassionate girl who lives on a farm near Earleen, a 400 lb. hog, finds out that the hog is being fattened by Farmer Jenkins to serve as the centerpiece for the holiday dinner, she spends her Christmas money to purchase the hog. The girl and hog decide to start a blog in order to teach others the value of animal rescue and how every life, no matter how tiny, is important and worth saving. The two partners investigate rescues of small creatures such as goldfish and hamsters to more exotic animals like armadillos and bats. Children will learn the significance of animal rescue through numerous examples, a lively story, and humorous illustrations. What better way to teach children how to respect and value the feelings and welfare of all animals from the tiniest fish to the largest hog!

    The 48 page book includes 22 pages of color illustrations that draw the reader in with their humor and expert draftsmanship. The stories are equally entertaining with wonderful characters and charming story lines. Elementary aged children will love the pictures and enjoy the stories, yet at the same time learn how to care for and respect animals in their community. They teach compassion and respect for animals; at the same time, offering suggested activities that inform children how to be proactive in their daily lives.

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