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    Don't Poop on the Pansies

    Don't Poop on the Pansies bar

    Laura and Cece

    This book tells the story of an old dog who is no longer appreciated by his family. Ignored and tormented, the mother of the family takes him to the animal shelter after her patience is worn out with his slowness, clumsiness, and disregard for her flowers. When a new dog moves in across the street, the older dog, Titus, makes friends with Lizzie who eventually rescues him from the animal shelter. Her caregiver, Grandpa Sweet, loves the old dog and promises that this is his final home where he will be loved and cared for the rest of his life.


    Laura D. is reading the book to her doggy friend "Cece." Photo courtesy of Julie Austin at the
    2018 Old Dog Haven picnic. (c)2018


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