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    Why Dot and Snot are Hot

    Buy Now $12.00, 44 pages, paperback, (c) 2016.

    Hot Dogs and Cars

    The third book in the Cha Cha Series is Why Dot and Snot are Hot. Many people have no idea how fast a car can heat up or high the temperature can rise when they leave a dog in a hot car. Dogs pant: they drool, they suffer. Unless a dog is being transported for a walk, a trip to the dog park or to the veterinarian, it is usually best to leave them home. Cracking the window a bit on a warm or hot day is not enough to keep a dog cool. Know the facts about a hot car. Educate yourself about dogsí bodies and how they have trouble perspiring. Just remember--friends donít leave friends in hot cars.

    The 44 page book includes 22 pages of color illustrations that draw the reader in with their humor and expert draftsmanship. The stories are equally entertaining with wonderful characters and charming story lines. Elementary aged children will love the pictures and enjoy the stories, yet at the same time learn how to care for and respect animals in their community. They teach compassion and respect for animals; at the same time, offering suggested activities that inform children how to be proactive in their daily lives.

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