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    Gaye has many research and curricular interests, which she has pursued throughout her career. Below are a few of these articles. Additional articles will be published at this site in the upcoming months. Click on the the title of the article to read the article in pdf format.

    Imagery as Ethical Inquiry In Their Own Words

    One particular area in which she has published extensively is the study of imagery and its impact on society. Subsequently, she published: Imagery as Ethical Inquiry, Televised Gender Roles in Children's Media: Covert Messages, and Reading Violent Images

    Green is also interested in the study of critical thinking in the arts. Her article: In their Own Words: Critical Thinking in Artists' Diaries and Interviews outlines how artmaking exemplifies critical thinking skills and processes in addition to showing teachers how to incorporate such concepts into their pedagogy. Green has also written curricula about critical thinking in a series of lessons titled: MindstART. She is currently working on specific activities to teach critical thinking through the visual arts,“Thinking Inside the Box."

    Also of interest to Dr. Green is how the arts can be used to improve society. She has written articles and curricula about Arts-based Service learning, a concept that teaches children how to utilize the arts to facilitate change in their community. The curricula provides a theoretical basis for this concept and several examples of art projects that children can complete to help their community.

    Green's obsession with animals is evident in the publication of “Paws for Art,” an article that chronicles the creative endeavor of animals. Focusing on the artistic activity of animals such as elephants and gorillas, the publication demonstrates that animals are thoughtful, sentient beings who deserve respect and the utmost care and compassion.
    Paws for Art

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