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    The Hat in the Cat

    Hat in the Cat

    Buy Now $12.00, 32 pages, paperback, (c) 2013.


    The “The Hat in the Cat” chronicles the story of an inventive cat who teaches children how to entertain themselves through creative thinking. Paying homage to the time-honored series by Dr. Seuss, this book likewise uses the concept of two young girls who are bored, but in this story the striped cat teaches the children how to think “outside the box” by approaching the world as an artist does. The cat, for example, suggests that the children consider imagining that things that are normally small like a chicken, now be seen as large. Gaye illustrates this by showing the Hat in the Cat riding a giant rooster. In the end, the children learn to overcome their boredom by being inventive.

    In addition to teaching creative thinking, the book also provides Art Historical information since all of the illustrations are based on the work of Russian artist Marc Chagall. As in Gaye's last book--”Cow Pies in the Night Sky”--a palette icon is located on the page with text; a symbol that indicates the title of the art work upon which the book illustration is based. Thus,the viewers can research the original art work and gain an understanding of this 20th century master.

    HAHA The Hat in the Cat is part of the HAHA book series. The H.A.H.A. series teaches Art History by drawing its readers in with its humor and bright, colorful imagery and maintaining their interest with creative, imaginative stories. Both entertaining and educational, the series strives to present art in an accessible and pleasurable format. The series is the creation of Gaye Leigh Green.


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